Arsenal/Reiss Nelson/Youth Football

The youth player hype cycle is one of the most tiring/rewarding sides of being an Arsenal fan. “We do not buy superstars. We make them.” – Arsene Wenger The first half of the last decade was especially rough for Arsenal development team, whether it was players they stole from renowned academies failing to even breakContinue reading “Arsenal/Reiss Nelson/Youth Football”

Thank You PE Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seems all set to leave Arsenal to make a transfer to FC Barcelona. Aubameyang’s reputation has been muddied by his recent loss of form but his legacy at Arsenal is cemented and means something much deeper; In football it’s easy to take things for granted. When you witness a special talent perform onContinue reading “Thank You PE Aubameyang”

Are Aston Villa Prepared For Life Post Jack Grealish

For Aston Villa the upcoming Euro’s are a blessing, it allows them extra time to plan for the eventual exit of captain and star player Jack Grealish. The 25 year old English international has just concluded a career year where he had 16 goal contributions across 26 league games, this campaign helped reestablish his boy hood club as a mid table Premier League team.

Can You Win A Championship With Trae Young As Your #1

Being a franchise player is all about eventually leading your team to a NBA championship. Trae Young was only 19 years old when the Atlanta Hawks placed this burden on his shoulders. Young acquired in a trade that featured Luka Doncic (forever linking the two’s careers) has been an offensive dynamo for the Hawks theseContinue reading “Can You Win A Championship With Trae Young As Your #1”

Scout Report; Pedro Neto. A Potential Complete Winger?

Strengths; Dribbling ability, speed, crossing, flair, link up play, an eye for a distance shot and a strong respectably filled out frame for his age.Weaknesses; Decision making, discipline, and anything to do with defending.

Some Random Thoughts On The NBA Part 1

After the shortest offseason in memory the NBA is back. Some players have changed teams, other stars are looking to ascend, the veterans of the game are looking to further solidify their legacies and many are just hoping to get paid this offseason when the new CBA kicks in. It’s still early(way too early in fact) but let’s do a status report on each team according to their first game result.