What Does Chris Paul Bring To The Phoenix Suns?

What’s the worth of a declining first ballot hall of famer? Is this an actual “we want to contend move!” or just a “ D-Book please don’t leave us” move? Chris Paul a well accepted Point god just got traded to the Phoenix Suns(Continuing the Suns streak of having a Hall Of Fame Point Guard through each of the last 5 decades) for Kelly Oubre, Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque and a 2022 first-round pick, none of the players performed particularly well on the chart above meaning the Suns turned “some guys” and one first into an injury prone Hall Of Famer, barring any injury concern this could very well be a complete steal.

On Court;

Defensive Coverage;

Chris Paul is perfect defensive coverage for Devin Booker whose defensive game isn’t as polished as his offensive game but can be considered an okay team defender. With a lower offensive burden in Phoenix compared to OKC Chris Paul will have more energy to spend on the other end of the court which will improve his defensive Win Shares and help him focus on limiting the effect of other rival point guards or smaller lead guards.


Booker and Ayton were already plus 50% field goal shooters without Chris Paul who immediately becomes one of the Suns better shooters which will help spread the floor even more. All the bigs should expect a jump in efficiency on their 2PT% while all the remaining shooters can expect to shoot better as well due to the offensive attention Chris Paul attracts while driving when compared to Ricky Rubio (who shot in the low 40s on his 2PT attempts) who ran point last season. Ayton should experience a great jump in offensive production in this more open and creative offense.


Ricky Rubio was tremendous last season setting up his teammates, he was usually the creation point for most plays when he was on the court but lacked the attacking skills to be the scoring point in many plays, this is a switch Chris Paul will be able to make easily and help open up further passing lanes for his teammates. CP3 and D Book are a great creative/scoring backcourt that command perimeter respect. This will further help open cutting lanes for wings hopefully bringing the best out of 2018 lottery pick Mikal Bridges. Ayton, Book and CP3 are all great iso players which should further open the court for cutting shooters.

Off Court;

As the NBA Players Association President Booker and Ayton will have an up close feel of the upcoming CBA Agreement negotiations and should pick up essential off court game in how to deal with the other sides of the NBA aside from the court. The experience a future Hall Of Famer will bring to the Sun’s practice with how he keeps polishing and maintaining his game and the financial advice they could seek from them and much more. Barring injury CP3 will affect the Suns in a positive manner in many ways.


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