Is It Wrong To Remember?

27 October 2019;

Granit Xhaka was being subbed off after a poor game and in all honesty due to stretch of sub par performances before this game. Xhaka was exit was obviously met with jeers rather than praises. Xhaka a constant magnet of criticism from the Arsenal faithful for being good but not good enough was being summoned off the pitch to massive disdain once again when he finally just snapped. This was one time too many for the Swiss international he shockingly but not surprisingly begun to jeer back at his own abusive fan base,”Fuck Off” he screamed at the crowd as he took off his Jersey and marched to the dressing room, threw it to the ground in disgust and was on his way.

Why is it now morally wrong to remember this?

Everyone seems to have forgiven Xhaka and swept the incident under the rug and I honestly can’t. Xhaka is an aggressively- no in fact offensively mediocre player who did that to my beloved jersey and it’s complete beta club mentality to let that slide. Say what you want about United but if Fred did anything close to that he wouldn’t hear the end of it, in Liverpool’s darkest days when fans were placing real faith in teams featuring the likes of Jon Flanagan and the welsh Pirlo would still never let something like this fly. I have never even seen anything like that happen at Spurs. A player openly showed disgust at wearing your jersey and playing for the fans at a level we expect but I’m supposed to forgive that cause he bosses a couple of mid table sides? What?!?! Did he pull a 19 year Jack Wilshere against prime Barca? No he didn’t boss Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets he delivered an 8 out of 10 against Norwood,Fleck and Lundstram.

Fuck this guy man. Absolutely fuck this guy. I saw Maldini at 38 for Milan having achieved everything a player can achieve for a club more than twice. That’s the only player I could let this slide with but Xhaka?!?! A player who has been one of the poster boys for this club going from great to clowns?If Aubameyang leaves and we keep a clown moonlighting as a CB and a slightly above average midfielder who disrespected the club openly as key cogs in the system I’ll know what type of club this is.

I can’t imagine any other major sports organization letting this slide, Kuzma doing this on the Lakers? Immediately traded, Kemba on the Celtics? Gone. Some linebacker on the Pat’s? Belichick won’t even let you have time to pack your locker. Nobody else let’s this slide but us and that’s wrong.

Don’t come at me with some ” wHAt aBoUT hIS rOlE iN tHE sYStEM?” He’s not good enough at it to justify me forgiving him.

Sadly I missed Viera but I’ve watched a prime Fabregas make things tick, I’ve watched a non injured Wilshere ran midfields at 20, I’ve watched a prime Mesut Ozil and I’ve seen Cazorla play 8 and 10 at levels no one in this current team can reach, in fact Cazorla with his left foot alone could play 8 in this system better than Xhaka, at least he can actually take people off the dribble and drive the team forward in ways other than a long ball.

Who is Xhaka in this alum of midfield talent? Why should Arsenal settle? Why are we even praising such a mid player for doing what he’s supposed to do? Acting like this is Pirlo or something.

I hate this player so much, unless he’s suddenly going to turn into Xavi I would love to see him leave. How can you be an 18 year old kid like Saka and watch this player put on the armband and respect this institution? F**k the moral police, I’m not going to die on a hill of defending a below average midfielder (by Arsenal standards) just to make him and his fans feel better. Never in the history of football have I seen “feelings” score a bullet header down 1- nil in the 88th minute of a vital game to kickstart a comeback.

Why should Xhaka feel “better” at the expense of how this club is viewed? Lebron James is the best basketball player maybe ever and Laker fans have said he ain’t s*** to them till he puts some banners up, not one but “some” banners, standards. Standards we are sorely missing, Viera would never ever do that so why should Xhaka get a pass?

If you feel I’m being to harsh, unreasonable or for some unjustifiable reason you are one of those delusional fans.who stan Xhaka let me quote him for you;



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