Evaluating Every Premier League Keeper And A Short David De Gea Profile

As of today.

DOUBLE THE CHARTS TODAY; All stats sourced from the Fbref official Website

Prem GK Chart.

But First;

The De Gea Problem at United.

David De Gea Hasn’t Declined His Just Gone Back To Being Bruce Banner.

As I stated before I’ve refused to believe De Gea has declined at 28 and I was right but in this truth hides an ugly fact.

De Gea is just a good keeper now, that’s a problem, especially(as the charts show) with a great one on loan somewhere else.

De Gea had a hulk like season in 17/18 but it’s an anomaly on his career chart. His spent the majority of his career with a save% between 70-75, his career average save% is even 73.4%. This is who he is, just good.

United want him to be great though and as his error count increases who he is will never be enough for United.

I like De Gea but if United can’t accept who he is it’s better they cut ties and move on to their great keeper on loan.

Next Chart.

Prem GK charts.


First of all Kepa!!!! Goooooood Looooooord his been terrible. This proves my hypothesis that Chelsea have a great defence but it’s blurred by a Keeper having a shit season. His facing the same shots per game as Alisson but is saving 23 percent less of them.

Southgate needs to reevaluate England’s #1 spot

All this talk about De Gea is hiding the mediocrity of some of his fellow big name peers, Patrico is having an below average season while Ederson is somewhat saved by his passing ability until you realise his facing the least amount of shots in the league per game and is only posting average numbers, a lesser defense a lesser keeper in my opinion🤷🏾‍♂️

That Middle cluster perfectly represents average keepers in this League.

Shouts👏🏿👏🏿 to Dubravka for not letting a sub par defense prevent him from showing out. He faces the most shots per game in the League literally 92% more shots per game than Alisson but is only 7% behind in Save%, a better defense and we may just have an elite level keeper👏🏿

Everything above applies to Leno just switch the 92% in more shots per game than Allison for 88%. God Arsenal have been so shit this season we don’t deserve any European football. Leno and Auba are saving us by both being top 3 most efficient players at their position, without them both we would be 15th.


Let’s move on;

Gazzinga, Ramsdale and Ryan are posting between 70-72% save rates all on above 4 shots faced per game, all these guys grade out good in my book. Put them on better teams and you’ll have very good goalkeepers.

Guaita deserves the hype we give Zaha for keeping this team up.

I expected better from Pope.

Old man Krul being League average on the league’s worst team is a testament to his abilities, underrated his whole career.

Dean Henderson is special, his last 3 year save% numbers read crazy;

82% on 4.2 Shots Faced.
74% on 3.4 Shots Faced.
77% on 3.5 Shots Faced.

  • insert James McAvoy Sweating GIF here*

Fuck it for further context;

Pickford evaluation on transfermarkt; 28 Mil.

Henderson evaluation on Transfermarkt; 14 Mil.

Chelsea should honestly drop the 30 – 40 Mil bag that will probably get it done with United, even if the push it to 50-60 I recommend you still pay and if they push it to 70-80 congratulations on breaking the transfer record;

Player B’s save% these last 3 seasons;

82% on 3.6 shot’s against.
77% on 2.5 shot’s against.
80% on 2.8 shot’s against.

Player B?


Drop the bag.

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